A welcome rest

01/05/35 – 01/12/35: Resting in Barnacus and allocating loot. Laiduin goes on a major Tavern crawl after taking Galaren as her cohort.

01/12/35 – 01/22/35: Set off to Sieve to spend their new found wealth. Stop in Thornward to try to solve the grisly murders. Investigation reveals a bear attack with significant unsettling clues. The group decides to investigate and Thalchi finds a trail. Difficult to follow it takes the groups combined skills to track the culprit. along the way, they discover it is likely an owlbear. Tracking the owlbear to its lair, they begin an assault. While working on the owlbear, Joren and his ranger aides move to assist the owlbear. Fairly evenly matched, as the party is winnowed down and having lost the owlbear and all his summoned allies, Joren retreats into the forest. He send a message to the group condemning them to sins against the forest just like the loggers he despises. The party devolves into a heated debate over the guilt or innocence and what to do based on either outcome with Joren. The settle on leaving a note on the owlbear and hope Joren comes to negotiate a settlement.

20180309 Alt Game

01/06/35-01/07/35: Adonis Beatifica realizes the WLD group needs some healing, so whisks them out to await Pomery being healed. 01-06-35 after a well deserved rest, they head back to room B30. Petro bypasses the trap in B40 and after the group takes the potions, they reload the bucket with rocks. The B48 room entices Igit and Petro into the room. Igit makes it to the tapestry and acquires the +2 Ghost Touch Breast Plate. Low on DEX and HP Igit and Mut II find the path back daunting. Petro deftly makes it back to the door and Boudica wades into the room and rescues Mut II and Igit. They retreat to B49 to rest.

180217 Unimaginable Horror
Ow, my brain hurts

12/21/34 to 01/04/35 – After defeating Malek, the party goes back to the frogman pool There they encounter a pilgrimage of 6 frogmen. After dispatching them, Mara’s salts are dispersed into the water bringing her back. She reforms missing her left pinky tip. It has been replaced by a small piece of wood. The party goes to the kitchen and holes up for the night. Recovering as best they can over night they head back to the boat in the morning. In the long hall the fragment of Cthulhu manifests in the hall. It begins its psychic attack on the party, taking them into his control one by one. River manages to escape his sphere of influence, but his will is so diminished he sits just out of range. Loren finally faces Cthulhu alone. he swats her to the ground as if she was a mere fly. Ripping her armor off he reveals her birthmark and brand. Declaring she is marked by a lesser gawd, he probes the Asmodeus brand, removing it. Drawing back to take the birthmark of Serenrea, his finger descends once more. Sarenrae herself manifests and blocks the finger. In her radiant glory she disintegrates the fragment. Basking in her radiance the party is healed. Loren and Thalchi find their armor has improved. As the group contemplates what they have just experienced, the island begins to disintegrate around them. Everyone including the plate mail clad Loren makes it to the water and are rescued by rowboats from the Sea Darter. Mara and River are reunited and Mara falls into his arms as Moonbeam gags on a hair ball. 10 days later, the Sea Darter finds it way into the port at Barnacus.

01/05/35 – A 24 hour party breaks out as Galaren initiates Laiduin into his clan by getting Laiduin face down drunk and passed out in a bowl of stew. The rest of the party except Loren enjoy the festivities. The party enjoys the safety of Barnacus and begins to sell off their gains.

180210 More Malek
How much more can we take?

12/21/34: Pressing forward the group uncovers 12 prisoners. 1 is accidentally killed by Thalchi, but the rest are rescued, healed and fed and sent back to the Sea Darter. The slab room is encountered and the Night Gaunts encountered and dispatched. The librarian/scribe is then met and Laiduin diplomatically slows his frnatic searching long enough to learn about the Black Book of B’Nar. Thalchi wades in and attacks and quickly learns the librarian is no slouch and is nearly disintegrated. Moonbeam and Laiduin engage him in conversation as River and Loren gain some distance. Leaving the scribe, Malak is finally encountered. He proves to be a fair natch for the party, but is eventually overcome. Laiduin is put to the test as they are offered a trade of themselves for Frostbeard and Mara. During the debate, Loren has enough talk and presses the issue by attacking. Once Malak is dispatched, the librarian is again engaged and the solution to saving Mara is discovered. The cost is the final piece the librarian needs to release the ultimate Evil and gain limitless power. Running from the room to use the final piece he leave the group to the library and the Black Book of B’Nar. After a bit of healing the group realizes they need to go to the frogmen lair to revive Mara and get the heck out of dodge.

180203 Malek!
Are we going mad?

12/21/34 – : The group moves on to Malek abode. They encounter the stitched together monstrosities and put them out of their misery. The trap in area 10 is triggered and the party faces themselves. After a devastating first round that sees the party in dire straits, Moonbeam stuns bad Moonbeam and proceeds to shred her. River follows by dispatching himself and the tide turns. Bad Laiduin proves to be problematic using magic AOE to great effect. Laiduin and Loren move in on bad Laiduin as Thalchi dispatches bad Galeran. River and Moonbeam move up to provide double teaming, and the battle is won and all but Thalchi emerge alive and in good shape. Thalchi’s heroism in attacking others avatars in lieu of his own gave Bad Thalchi time to kill him. Thalchi seems to die but tells a tale of his double merging with his body. He never lost consciousness and could see the rest of the party fighting air. In the aftermath everyone except Moonbeam finally realizes the illusion for what it is. The session ends in the intersection of area 10.

180126 Alt Game

09/08/34-09/09/34: The goblins defeated, the group heads for a new area. They deal with the traps in rooms B90, B91 and B44. Scoring room B43, they detect but do not trigger the trap. Moving on B30 is dealt with and the Vargouilles are dealt with. Boudica takes a wing as a trophy.

171216 Caverns Overcome
12-20-34 Mourning for a lost puppy

Waking in the debris pile the weight of Verren’s near death weighs heavily on Thalchi. The weight of the dreams lays heavy over the party and infighting begins as tensions rise. While fighting Denethor, Thalchi is blinded. Spurred by her love of Verren, he fights on ,seeming ly energized. An unstoppable force, he kills a gibbering mouther while fully blind. Encountering the frogmen entry pond, the party luckily arrive at a time when it was empty. Much consternation is realized over the room containing the icon. Caution is exhibited, but here is a lot of pro and con discussion about being in the presence of the icon. Ultimately the icon is circumvented and the group moves on to the next challenge.

171215 Alt Game
WLD S27 D36 Scrot Promoted, Rememberer

09/07/34: Scrot brings the blacksmith and Petro to Argliss. The blacksmith sees the bloody head of Guk and immediately switches sides. Argliss rewards Scrot with a promotion and send him back to the party with Petro. Mut is given a heroes funeral and his body is burned to prevent desecration. They meet the remember and make unsteady friends with him. He invites them to stay the night and he enjoys trading knowledge with Fansey. Instead of fighting, the remember-er and the Chiregeon share lunch with the party and wish them well. Fansey does not leave unscathed as Lamashtu visits him in the night and reveals herself. Fighting off a hoard of goblins the group rests in B96 for the night.

171202 Madness Begins
How is this possible?

12/19/34-12/19/34: The group reaches the cliff. Moonbeam wildshapes to an eagle to scout and finds the Main Hall (E). River climbs the cliff easily, but the animals (Archer and Verren) pose a climbing issue. Moonbeam switches to giant ape to carry them over the top. they come upon the Bachannal and are sickened by the display of lust and gluttony. Wading in, the entire group takes out their disgust on the naked frogmen. Ailise and Zitonal are rescued but are halfway to madness. Finding the slaves in the pit, they use the magic plate and pitcher to get them all a meal. They leave the 14 slaves as they have no way of protecting them from here. Finding the birthing room, the group charges in, now immune to the horrors of male pregnancy. 3 sickeningly pregnant humans (2 female and 1 male) beg for death. The two mutants and rat thing are a handful, but an initial rush by River, Loren, and Thalchi kills one before it can move. The second targets Verren and with three successive rounds of attack and the brave little pup perishes. Moonbeam and Lauduin come in from a flank and the group overpowers the horrid scene. Aliya is taken prisoner in the fray, and questioned.

171117 Alt Game
S26D36 A near TPK vs goblin hoards.

Wake up in room B108. Adonis Beautifica realizes the group needs to spend loot and whisks them to Barnacus for 3 days in the real world. 09-03-34 to 09-06-34 in Barnacus. Fansy and Pomery fall into a 40’ pit. Pomery breaks his ribs and is ported out bu Adonis and will not return until 01-06-35. Party pushes forward to Room 100 and 101 where they are assaulted by goblins with Wargs. Petro retreat to the blacksmith in B100 to find him combat enabled. Fighting his best he falls and the blacksmith drags him to the forge. meanwhile Igit and Mut try to take the 10 goblins alone as the rest of the group is bogged down with 4 wargs. Igit and Mut fall and Mut is killed. Fanzy inspires the party propping them as best as he can as Boudica cleaves through the wargs. Sygyn launches her full arsenal of spells and Fidjit sneaks around using her sickles to great advantage. It is a near thing as only Boudica, Fijit, and Sygyn are standing t the end and they are all nicked up. Petro it taken by the blacksmith and an apparently turncoat Scrot to Arglis.


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