170826 Shipwrecked

The Sea Darter remaining crew plus the party face 2 Hraakknar. They kill one, but the other escapes with two crewmen webbed on its back. The groups tracks the giant spider and soon find its tracks commingled with the stinking frogmen. Arriving at a body of water, they notice the spider has backtracked. They track it down and discover its wagons and 6 Ro slaves. Dispatching the spider they are left with the 6 Ro slaves, who show no willingness to come to their senses. Moving on they encounter Goat Dude and his Winged Horror mount. His mount attacks the group with chlorine breath. Lauduin investigates the apparent dead Ro and unleashes an unsoeakable horror knocking her catatonic. Loren looks closely at the goat dude and he disappears. Loren tries to deal with the conflicting information she sees and her intuition tells her.

WLD Alt Game
170826 S25D35 War of the Goblins

They face Guk and quickly find out he is actually Gargalank, a Large goblin. Sygyn ends him with a persistent Water sphere, while Fansy and Igit lay waste to his goblin minions. With their mission complete, the group explores a bit a chamber, spending the night there. Returning the next day to Argliss, Fansy enters wearing Guks head as a hat. He becomes a minor celebrity and Smad teaches him the goblin high sign for safe passage among their allies. Back to the Guk held area the next day, the group encounters remnants of Guk’s forces. During the fight, Boudica manages a 51-point blow on a 6 HP goblin rendering him into 3 pieces. Igit boldly attacks all goblins in sight having great success, but becoming poisoned in the process. Argliss also sends his best rogue, scrot, with the party to help with “the Maze”

On the Sea darter

On board the Sea Darter, the group sets sail for Barnacus. Trouble begins 5 days into the journey as the group is set upon by a raiding party of Froglike creatures. Aliya begins to act strangely. At first only River suspects her but as the trip goes on, eventually everyone comes to the same conclusion. The froggies are driven off and one crewman is killed. During the combat River swings about the ship on ropes overcoming the rolling decks, and Moonbeam wild shapes into a giant octopus to great effect. Loren administers aid and the crew and PC are stabilized. The Sea Darter soon finds itself in strange waters and even the never lost Marra Greenhill does not know their location. Ominous dream begin to plague everyone’s sleep and fatigue becomes a factor. The crew is pushed to the breaking point when Finathil gouges out his eye with a boat hook. This is soon followed by Aliya murdering her mother and brother switching back on forth between a sweet little girl and a demonic hell spawn. As a mysterious island draws near, a kraken attacks the ship. Heroic efforts by the crew and all PC drive the kraken off, but not before the boat is critically wounded. Adrift, the boat crashes on the shores of the strange island. River and Thalchi are to the point of exhaustion and Loren and Laiduin and affected to a lesser extent. Only Moonbeam seems unaffected by the nightmares and strange visions.

11/24/34 In Game 2017/06/24 real world

11/19/34-11/24/34 -Continuing on, the final rooms are cleared including an encounter with an Id Gray ooze, that caused much confusion in the group, but was luckily taken down. Traveling back to Restenford, the group sees a herd of brachiosaurus, and are caught in the middle of a velociraptor raid. While fighting off the raptors a T-Rex makes and appearance and he rips through the party, getting hits on everyone. The encountered featured everyone as Laiduin provided fireworks including lightning, River out acrobatted the raptors jumping and rolling for backstabs, Moonbeam wild shaped into a Dire tiger and showed the big T what a fight really was, and both Thalchi and Loren actually charged the T-Rex!!! With a full team effort, the big lizard is surrounded and finally killed. Stripping him of his teeth and skin, they make their way back to Restenford. They book passage on the Sea Darter and prepare to head back to Barnacus.

170519 WLD S24D35 War of the Goblins

Igit, Sygyn, Pomery, Fansy, and Boudica make their way through “The Maze” and explore into the area of Guk and enter the hall of rebels. Session ends with the massive fight queuing up.

11/17/34 in game, 040117 real world
More Bone Hill

Further exploration of the lower levels reveals a gelatinous cube which paralyzes Loren, but is fried by Moonbeam and Laiduin. Likealla the Drider is encountered and an epic battle ensues. River who had lain hidden the entire battel emerges unseen and backstabs for the kill. Moombeam then raises the portcullis revealing the stone golem. She buffs and enlarges and wades in for super giant monster smackdown. After trading blows once, the golem moves to pin River and Thalci. Moonbeam having nothing to do with that, rolls a crit and powders the golem in one final epic blow.

170127 WLD S23D35

Session 23 XXXXXX – Day 35. Original Party is transported out by Adonis Beatifica in room B72. They are replaced by the Igit party. Arriving in B72 they find all doors locked. While attempting to open the door they alert Haglar (Grignash in common tongue) who enters the room with 6 goblins. The group overcomes this obstacle and the room is open. G’lp is freed from room B73 and immediately killed by Igit. Dwelmir says a quick prayer to send him on his journey. Hammerfist is discovered and negotiated with in the guise of the Goblin King. The party agrees to fight the bugbears and leave the goblins alone. They follow Hammerfist to B75 and meet the real Goblin King. They agree to killGuk on B95 and bring his head back to enjoy the wealth and power of Norendithas the Stoneshaper.

More Bone Hill

The first sublevel is breached and the wight and wraith take their toll draining the party. They are eventually overcome and the group continues. The ghoul and ghast room is handled surprisingly easily even though Loren and Thalchi are paralyzed. The group retreats to Telvars rooms again to rest and refit. In the Wraith room, Loren’s intuition saves at least one life as she senses something is wrong and channels energy surprising the wraith, damaging him and thwarting his ambush.

Actual date 01/14/17

Bugbears and Telvar are killed. Casper is put to rest. He is eternally grateful. Telvars entire complex including the roof is discovered. Thalchi recognizes the etchings on the roof and realizes Telvar is making star charts. His lab is discovered and the group settles into his quarters for the night before heading below.

Page 20 of History 10/28/34-11/15/34

Last catch up post. Future posts will be in real time after adventuring is over for the day.

10/28/34-11/12/34 Adventure time party goes to Botanical Island to learn about dinosaurs. They land in Restenford and learn about the Church of the Big Gamble, Bone Hill, the wolf pack, andGM TEXT ONLY They set out to explore and meet Feldalac at the Church. Thinking him queer they do not investigate much further. They then head to the pebble hills where they are accosted by the gnolls with their ogre buddy.

11/12/34-11/15/34 – Breached the ruins on bone hill. Encountered hill giant skeleton and barely destroyed him. Met Casper Weinburger and River and Loren did not become afraid and befriended him and agreed to help lay him to rest.


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