Page 12 of History 11/23/32-04/06/33

11-23-32 – Group above in Oakdale after 4 day party with elves celebrating the safe return of Cloverleaf.

11-25-32 – Back in Diktur. Woodsguard has named himself goodwill ambassador of the tabbits to Diktur.

12-01-32 – Woodsguard, Andros, Kelsian, Aurora, and Sygyn head off to the Isle of Doom.

12-08-32 – Party becomes shipwrecked on a small island and after some exploration discover it is the lost island of Castanimir. Castanimir’s residence is explored and plundered. During this time, Andros sacrifices an old man to the Naranzim angering the party. In the confusion of this, Andros flees, finds the way out, and builds a raft.

12-11-32 – Rest of party emerges to the island. They build a raft and head for Isle of Doom. Expert piloting by Sygyn lands them right on course.

12-20-32 – Party makes landfall at Bree.

12-27-32 – Party catches a boat back to Barnacus.

01-07-33 – Landed back in Barnacus.

03-01-33 – After waiting 2 months for worst of winter to pass party prepares to go to Aernan Wood to visit the elves. Woodsguard pays to have Heathen turned back into a Tabbit.

03-05-33 – Aurora, Kelsian, Sygyn, Wisp, and Woodsguard arrive in Oakvale.

03-27-33 – After 3 weeks of party time in Oakvale, the party is ready to set out.

04-04-33 – Group arrives in Lorridge. They begin to investigate some strange goings on.

04-05-33 – Kelsian turns remnants of the Serpent gang into Lorridge town watch after party routs the gangs’ home base. They learn of strange disappearances and of a thief named Saragrave. They agree to search for Saragrave, and retrieve the staff Mordags Little Finger for the Sorceress in Silver.

04-06-33 – The party homes in on the Pale Tower, and moves to capture Saragrave. They are successful and eliminate him as a threat. They find a huge pentagram on the roof. GM ONLY TEXT

Page 11 of History 07/21/32-11/19/32

07-21-32 – Party picks up 3 goons and goes after little Kess and his thugs (also Tollenkars lair). They penetrate part way to level two, and then retreat to the woods with the heads of 12 thugs.

07-24-32 – In Diktur with the 12 heads, the group learns the thug bounty is only for certain thugs.

07-25-32 – Opting not to go immediately back after Kess, Death Test is attempted, and level 1 is as far as they get.

08-25-32 – After resting a month Woodsguard and Rashtan get two new recruits to go to Death Test. So Andros Bloodletter, and Sir Smythe of Tharkin join up. Level 2 of the test is completed. Smythes squire was killed and the group was hurting coming out. With the booty, Woodsguard pays off debt to the Wizards guild. With money in hand the group leaves the guild of knowledge in good spirits.

08-27-32 – While shopping in Diktur, Andros, Woodsguard, Novus, and Rashtan are contracted to deliver a potion from Nightshade to Olias Sandhill. Unknown to them there are agents trying to prevent this. They get the potion, but trying to deliver it they run into Melor, and Sequis of ORCA. Melor too stupid to quit fights to the death, but Sequis runs. As he was about to turn a corner 30 yards away, Novus launched a bola, and tripped him up. Rashtan provided the kill and the day was saved.

09-10-32 – Andros group now with Sir Smythe go to Thowen village. Andros is looking for the secret to an organic broadsword. The sage Baltis sent him to see Farthing of Thowen. In Thowen they discover that a darkmage Drakenkaine has been stealing maidens. Woodsguard and Smythe have dreamt about the guy and want to kill him. The group agrees to do it. They find the place where Drakenkaine has set up a pentagram. They decide he is going to use maidens to summon a demon. An automatic defense (brute warrior) materializes and cleaves Rashtan in two. He uses his wish ring to survive the blow. Drakenkaines storeroom is penetrated and looted. The group is hurt, but ready to take on the wizard. He will try to get his demon in 5 days.

09-13-32 – Party continues on quest. They find hobgoblin village and sack it. Smythes bodyguard is killed in the fight. The mound in the center of the village is discovered and investigated. They use the black staff to teleport in and find D-man in the middle of summoning the demon. Drakenkaine decides not to wait any longer. A long and bloody battle ensued. Novus gets crisp fried by a flame jet, and Rashtan is almost driven into the ground by a demon punch. The turning point came when Woodsguard severed Drakenkaines hand. Control of the demon was momentarily lost, and he bee lined for the wizard. Drakenkaine was grabbed by the demon and dragged away. Andros, in a fit of bravery, asked for the mages head and the demon gave it to him.

10-10-32 – Party back in Diktur. Farthing told Andros he would need a bulette, and to go to the mountains to find the dwarven craftsman Garth Stoneheart. Smythe tries to impress his father, and lies to him. His father senses the lie, but can’t be sure. A fight ensues and papa swats Smythe a good one and sends him on his way.

10-15-32 – Alexandrite, Bork, and Chk’Prk go to Bree for wedding.

11-15-32 – Alexandrite and Bork are married under the watchful eye of Chk’Prk. The entire hobbit contingent of Bree is in attendance. A major celebration follows, and the news of Alex’s pregnancy is well received. Ballock sends his love, but could not attend due to family needs.

11-17-32 – Andros, Woodsguard, Cloverleaf, and Novus go to Death Test. They get to room three before bailing out.

11-19-32 – GM TEXT ONLY

Page 10 of History 05/02/32-07/15/32

05-02-32 – Ballocks son is a boy, and quits shape changing. He is a psi with psychokinesis power 5. Ballock retires from adventuring and goes to work full time at the bar. Many people come by to see his sword hanging over the bar, and to hear his tales.

05-04-32 – Jadawin and friends arrive at rockslide 1-1/2 miles from the rock. Novus has permanently crippled his foot in an attack by a water weird at the western bridge. He had spit into the water, but wasn’t quite quick enough getting across.

05-06-32 – The party successfully figures out the secret of the rock. They do not find out about Tuma however, and never do inquire about it. Woodsgauard was killed in the final room with the golem kings, but as she ascended, a Solar heard her pleas, and for 10 EP, and a quest to help Aernan, she is returned to the world. GM TEXT ONLY After a day of rest at the manor, the group sets out to Carse to sell the booty.

05-08-32 – Jadawin group arrives in Carse. Novus gets a restoration for his foot. One month wait for regrowth. Heathen contracts a composite vambrace to be delivered to Barnacus 07-01-32. Woodsguard write a letter to Alzado to give to her parents. It should arrive 06-04-32 to Alzado.

05-09-32 – Heathen marries Selena of Carse, sister of Torg the terrible. She is a nag, but loves him dearly enough, and follows him everywhere. Rashtan wins a fight in the Bronze Mermaid, against an 8-0 dude.

05-11-32 – Party leaves for Aernan wood. Heathen barely loses a fight with Garrock, but is mashed. He tries to sneak out of town, but in his weakened condition only makes it to the first village. Lucky for him Selena saw him leave and followed. She will nurse him back to health.

05-12-32 – Woodsgauard gets an alter visage cast on Heathen turning him into a human. Heathen predictably vows eternal hatred on anyone in sight. Selena thinking that Heathen was cursed is excited that he is “healed”. They leave for Carse, and plan to head to Barnacus. Da’Abble goes to garrison in Carse to collect reward from the bandits, the group had caught in town.

05-14-32 – Party reaches Aernan Wood. A five day feast is set under way, when during an important speech by Aernan, the party starts eating. Jadawin heads for Barnacus alone.

05-19-32 – The elves learn that Novus Birthday is near and call for a three week party.

06-08-32 – After the festivities, Novus, Woodsguard, Da’Abble, Cloverleaf, Gunther, Gwinna, and Rashtan head for Ulom Wood to stop the evil growing there.

06-09-32 – After buying a boat, the group sets across Lake Slimmond at night.

06-12-32 – The black oak of Ulom is vanquished, as Woodsguard pours a vial of cleaning essential water into the blood pool with her last action before passing out from wounds suffered in the fight with the forest evil.

06-16-32 – Woodsguard, Da’Abble, Novus, Rashtan, Gwinna, and Cloverleaf arrive in Ernin.

06-27-32 – After a 10 day feast, Aernan gives the above group (even Rashtan), eternal safe passage in the Aernan Wood.

07-04-32 – In Lorridge the party learns why the house makes money in gambling after suffering heavy losses.

07-15-32 – Party arrives home in Barnacus. Woodsguard debt to mages guild down to $7572.

Page 9 of History 11/16/31-04/24/32

11-16-31 – Herbert and co. arrive in Dran.

11-17-31 – S.G. III task complete. S.G. creates zombie out of reptileman that Alex killed. When the Edge bolts and tries to hide, the party traps him in the crevasse. Ballock goes into fits and winds up dislocating his arm. Alex is blinded by the Edge, but the skull spirits of Skewhart do the Edge in. The Edge is dead. Ballock and Alex dolls are destroyed. S.G III keeps his doll. The lair is empty, and the reptile zombie is left at the front to guard it. (He does a good job too).

11-28-31 – Dweezel settles down in Orlane, and buys a farm.

01-01-32 – Bork and Alex set the date for their wedding. They have decided on 11-15-32. So much planning that must be done.

02-01-32 – Woodsguard, Heathen, Da’Abble, Novus, and Jojya go to Death Test III. Heathen bails after first level with crippled limbs. Chk’Prk comes in for level 2. Woodsgaurd and Chk’Prk leave after level as Chk’Prk has lost an eye. Remaining 3 do level 3 and bail out. Overall good show.

02-08-32 – Above listed group (exept Heathen) need recuperation and decide to work and rest for a couple months then try to find something to do.

03-24-32 – Herbert and co. arrive in Tulan. Herbert’s bear personality asserts itself, and he wanders off to pursue bear stuff. Tumbleweed, shocked by the transformation, goes into a trance. When she comes to, she knows she must go to Charlemagne Hold and preach. Jadawin ditches Farlow, and goes for some new meat. He wants the power to be found in the lost city. It is his destiny.

4-01-32 – Jadawin, Da’Abble, Woodsguard, sch’b, Novus, and Jojya set out to find the lost city of Tuma.

04-07-32 – In the middle of the journey, Jadawin and D’abble (unbeknownst to each other) combine to pick on Sch’B. Jadawin uses death vision and sends him into a wild frenzy. In his terror, Jojya’s horse is killed.

04-08-32 – Jadawin turns the troublesome Sch’B into a frog.

04-10-32 – Sch’B driven insane with hunger is caught in a livestock pen in Lorridge. He is killed by three crossbow men from the city guard.

04-11-32 – Thulin hits party in Kazarine pass. Thilins orcs are routed, but he escapes. GM ONLY TEXT Thulin was struck by a D’abble fireball.

04-17-32 – Jojya is killed by a dragon. He had hidden from the dragon, but Novus gave away his position in trade for his own life. Jojya fights gamely but eventually succumbs to the dragons superior might.

04-23-32 – Party travels through Carse and beyond, after meeting an Indian named Taintain. Taintain seems to be a pain in the neck, and he never does hit it off with the party after they discover he is a horse thief. In a night encounter Taintain mistakes D’abble for a foe and skewers him from behind. Jadawin looking out for mage kind everywhere, hits Taintain with the most impressive flame jet seen in these parts in many years. Taintains burned out shell is left in a village.

04-24-32 – Party arrives at Arkayz Manor.

Page 8 of History 07/04/31-11/14/31

07-04-31 – GM ONLY TEXT

07-14-31 – Alex has her favorite purple comb stolen by a Band of the Hand infiltrator. He was collecting hair.

07-17-31 – Bleda group loses Torch to a chimera. Bleda and Dweezel wait in Lorridge trying to decide what to do.

07-28-31 – Ignatar subdued by 6 thugs. He claims “they held me down and cut me. They let the blood run into a vial and left.”

08-07-31 – While Ballock is away, 3 big dudes get into his house. They make his wife give them some of his whiskers.

08-08-31 – Ballock hires bodyguard and temporarily moves into the bar.

08-14-31 – Zarak Longbeard is jumped by 6 dudes. He has same story as Ignatar. He plays limp and gains surprise, racking up two kills. The other 4 men escape.

09-14-31 – Bleda wins sword competition in Sha’el tourny. He shows strong in archery, mass combat, and dare. He wins a beautiful sword and respect.

10-02-31 – S.G. III gets lock of hair cut off. In an elaborate switch, the hair thief escapes. Skewhart captures one guy, and after some torture fun, the location of the Band lair is revealed.

10-09-31 – GM ONLY TEXT

10-14-31 – The Edge and 6 dudes wait for Ballock outside his house. When he comes out, the Edge holds up a Ballock doll and jabs it with a pin. Ballock holds back a scream of agony. The Edge cackles “I own you now!”

10-15-31 – S.G. III, Ballock, Alexandrite, Bork, and Derrick hit the Band lair. They do not get the dolls. They surrender to the Band, to the Edge’s glee.

10-17-31 – Jadawin, Tumbleweed, Farlow, & Herbert assemble in Barnacus. After months of research by Herbert on Tuma, they decide to journey there. A contact for Lirdrium Arkayz has given Herbert a map, and the group is set to go.

10-21-31 – Thulin and 21 orcs raid an outlying village of Barnacus for loot. He loses 4 orcs in the fray. GM ONLY TEXT

10-22-31 – Herbert and company set out for Dran.

10-23-31 – Alaxandrite gets pregnant by Bork Hetman. He proposes and she accepts. Baby due 01-23-34. It will be a healthy girl.

10-24-31 – Prices go to prewar levels as Dran and Diktur make peace. GM ONLY TEXT

11-03-31 – Skewhart buys 5 skull spirits from an invisible dude at peir 21. GM ONLY TEXT

11-10-31 – Bar group goes back to Band of Hand lair to settle matters for good.

11-14-31 – Group arrives at Band lair.

Page 7 of History 12/19/30-07/19/31

12-19-30 – Jadawin and Wu arrive in Sieve and begin to work to pay for portage home. Tumbleweed is killed by Dim in a fit of rage. A passing Solar notices Tumbleweed floating in the ether and tells her the meaning of The One. She is put back on the planet. Torch and Dim wander about the great city.

12-26-30 – Torch trapped in eagle form for two weeks due to a huge spell failure.

01-11-31 – Torch is human (sort of) again. Dim and Torch continue their wanderings in Sieve. Border wars slacken as winter sets in and soldiering is no fun.

02-01-31 – Grumpy, Dim, Jaestra, and Torch go to Death Test III. Grumpy and Dim are greased. Torch changes a room for eternity with a missed spell. Torch also acquires little flame, a fire drake (possible the coolest thing a PC has ever obtained in my world).

03-03-31 – Herbert, Dweezle, Farlow, Torch, and Alex go to some orcish ruins, rummage around a bit, then leave.

04-07-31 – Above group heads to Diktur. They have set their goal as discovering Tuma.

04-09-31 – Party makes it to Thornward where Farlow is accidentally detained. The party pushes on, leaving him behind.

04-11-30 – The party returns to Thorward after being hit hard on the road.

04-21-31 – SGIII gets the assassins head back from the Band of the Hand. There is a note attached from The Edge.

05-02-31 – Thulin is released from prison. GM ONLY TEXT

05-17-31 – The Herbert group, still minus Farlow set out again.

05-20-31 – A basilisk gets into camp at night and kills Herbert as the party sleeps. They wake and kill it, but it is too late.

05-21-31 – The party leaves Herbert for dead and heads south.

05-23-31 – Dweexle leaves party for Barnacus. Bleda the Barbarian is met and joins up for a while.

05-24-31 – Alex leaves for Barnacus, leaving Bleda and Torch alone.

05-27-31 – Herbert stirs and begins trek to Barnacus.

05-28-31 – Torch and Bleda arrive in Orlane.

06-06-31 – Alex back home in Barnacus.

06-10-31 – Herbert arrives outside of Barnacus.

06-26-31 – Bleda leaves Torch in Orlane, as Dweezel arrives in Orlane. Torch decides to buy some new armor. While in the armor store, he leaves Little Flame to circle the store. The dragon drake is shot down and killed. Thulin is still gathering forces.

07-03-31 – Bleda, Torch, and Dweezel gather in Sieve and prepare to depart for Sha’el tourny in the land of Kind Sir Andrew. GM ONLY TEXT

Page 6 of History 10/12/30-12/05/30

10-12-30 – Band of the Hand assassin attacks Ballock in Diktur, but misses. Ballock is unaware of anything fishy.

10-14-30 – Band assassin attacks SGIII and misses. SGIII buys out his contract and sends him after his old employer.

10-25-30 – SGIII, Ballock, and Herbert arrive at Weezels tomb. Half assed attempt to kill first room skeletons fails. Herbert is left to die.

10-27-30 – Herbert uses his were regeneration and crawls out of the tomb. While attempting to go to bear form he totally fails his spell and develops a split personality of a bear.

11-01-30 – Trash, Zoltan, Wushu, Tumbleweed, and Jadawin meet Giles and agree to accompany him to Sieve and beyond to the crystal valley.

11-02-30 – Herbert makes it to Ughelg starving. The orcs take him in and feed him as well as playing a little deliverance with him. He got to be Ned Beatty. He recovers and escapes.

11-05-30 – SGIII and Ballock make it to Diktur and begin to regroup.

11-06-30 – Zoltan group travels across the plateau toward the big valley. Trash is pulled back to Sieve for riot control. Meanwhile SGIII has picked up Alex and S’N and will head back to the tomb.

11-09-30 – SGIII party arrives in Ughelg.

11-10-30 – Zoltan party reaches Talihuaka. Filo dies of gangrene he developed from a wound. The group runs into natives and Giles is gunned down. Party enters Erigin forest where Zoltan is enticed off the path and goes to sleep. Remainder of party makes it to valley and camps for the night.

11-11-30 – Zoltan party presses into crystal valley. Trash is teleported in to Zoltan, but he can not find him. After a lengthy search he finds Zoltan, but can not find his way out. He falls asleep with Zoltan in his arms. Four band assassins are dispatched to Barnacus. Band goes under cover until this blows over. Tollenkar continues his raids including a feint on Fort Excelsior. SGIII and pals make it to Weezels tomb.

11-12-30 – Alex buys it in Weezels tomb by skull spirits. SGIII wastes S’N at a water pit. Party gets to the inner sanctum and find a scroll, but can not figure it out. Everyone is stumped.

11-28-30 – Wu and Tumbleweed are captured in the crystal valley quarry. They are taken prisoner as spies. Jadawin manages to teleport safely away. Jadawin kills a mage and takes his identity with illusion disguise. He steals a crystal but it becomes useless because he does not know to give it sunlight. SGIII party makes it into Diktur.

12-01-30 – Alex is resurrected. Ballock takes a gate home. Wu and company meet Torch and Dim and are taken to the crystal citadel. Wu is given a warm welcome as his stories are well liked. Tumbleweed speaks out against the council and is thrown in the dungeon.

12-02-30 – Wu, Torch, Dim, and Jadawin plot an escape. Tumbleweed is turned into a frog and carried out by Jadawin.

12-03-30 – Escape is pulled off. Torch manages to steal two crystals on the way out.

12-05-30 – Reunited outside Talihuaka. Preparing and packing for the trip home across the plains. Meanwhile SGIII and friends have made it to Barnacus on a wagon train.

Page 5 of History 07/02/30-10/08/30

07-02-30 – Alex on trial for aiding a criminal. She is fined $5000. Thulin has all possessions stripped and is jailed until 05-02-31.

07-12-30 – Alex accuses Thulin of perjury, and Thulin is found not guilty. Group of Bork, Alex, Ballock, and SGIII sail to Castanimirs Island. Boat crashes and party rows to shore. They find Castanomirs home and ransack it.

07-22-30 – Back in Barnacus, the Band of the Hand get rowdy and Apogee and Igot are killed. The remaining owners vow to avenge the deaths. $400 damage done to bar. GM ONLY TEXT

07-24-30 – Band of the Hand realizes the grave mistake they have made and contemplate going to ORCA. Of the 56 active members, 6 are sent to the Sieve ORCA chapter to hire assassins. They will return in 3 weeks.

08-01-30 – Taxes are raised to 5% on all sales in Diktur due to the war.

08-14-30 – Tumbleweed, Vince, and Zoltan off to the border raids. They take a portal to Diktur City.

08-16-30 – Arrive at Fort Excelsior and decide to go to Stoneguard where it is rumored that fighting has occurred. Stoneguard remains neutral with no fighting allowed.

08-18-30 – Party comes upon a military camp of 24 men. There are only 11 soldiers in the camp at the time, but the group unbelievably decides to hit it any way. Vince and Zoltan are taken prisoner. Tumbleweed escapes and heads back to Diktur for help.

08-21-30 – Half the camp breaks up and Vince is packed and taken away to Dran. Zoltan will follow in 5 days when he is able to travel. Meanwhile Tumbleweed arrives safely in Diktur.

08-23-30 – Vincent is sentence to two weeks hard labor in Dran.

08-28-30 – Diktur patrol finds Zoltan and his captors and he is rescued.

09-09-30 – Since he had not hurt anyone, after completing his time, Vincent is set free.

09-18-30 – Vincent arrives in Diktur. Tumbleweed, Zoltan and Vince are together again. They are each given $500 for the location of the enemy camp, and are also given the pigeon of service medal.

10-01-30 – Alex, Herbert Aquilus, and Corwin Bearclaw get a job as curriers to Farstead. Zoltan, Jaestra, Jadawin, Jane, and Wushu set out to rescue Imraels daughter from her troll captors. Arriving at the lair they journey inside. Bad luck and a bit of noise cause a generally poor showing by the group. They have to run away with their collective tail between their legs.

10-05-30 – Alex crew delivers package after a small ruckus. They spurn the villages on the way by not sleeping at the Inns. -2 reaction for 1 year in all villages between Barnacus and Farstead.

10-07-30 -Zoltan group returns to Barnacus. They spend some time healing and plan to head back to Farstead. By not staying in Farstead they wind up blowing the mission. Since they had unknowingly decimated the trolls, Imraels daughter and her handmaidens are easily rescued by another group. SGIII, Ballock, Alex, and Herbert go to Diktur to research Weezel and the quickening.

10-08-30 – The wedding party of Imraels daughter pulls into Barnacus. In a fit of extreme happiness, Imrael give the party $1000 for clearing the way for his men to save his daughter.

Page 4 of History 04/08/30-07/01/30

04-08-30 – A cave (shaft) is found and is explored. 16 Kobalds dwell there and kick the party’s ass. Zoltan and Mirkidoth both die. Pegasus is revived by a doctor. The Kobalds are routed when Chk’Prk uses a trump and gets Drk’Nrk. Major carnage follows.

04-10-30 – Return to Fort Reliant to rest and recuperate.

04-25-30 – The group finally returns to Barnacus. Zoltan and Mirkidoth get resurrections.

05-05-30 – Zoltan, Lorenth, Naestra, and Vince set out to Orlane to figure out what is going on there.

05-19-30 – Having arrived in Orlane, the party begins investigating. They get into a fight at the Golden Grain Inn and kill the bartender. They spend time going around town finding out who is who.

05-21-30 – Party follows Whiskers to the cult hideout and decides to go in and break it up.

05-25-30 – In the hideout Zoltan is hurt very bad. He can not continue. Vlondrolla trumps in and immediately causes party dissent. After much debate they decide to leave.

05-26-30 – Out in the swamp, the group finds they are totally lost. Lorenth flies up to help scout the area but the forest is too dense to get a good bearing. He makes his best guess, which happens to be correct. A friendly copper dragon lands and the group asks him to show them the road. He assumes they mean the nearest one, and he directs them to Chl’Grd.

06-11-30 – After wandering around lost the group winds up in Willowane and rests. Zoltan has healed and waits in Orlane.

06-12-30 – Zoltan decides to wait 2 more weeks for the rest of the party to show up. Meanwhile Darkstar meets the other group in Willowane and then they sign onto a wagon train to Sieve.

06-21-30 – Group leaves wagon train at Orlane and meets up with Zoltan. Darkstar loses arm in fight with orcs. Party spends night in the mayors’ house and learns that the cult is stronger than ever.

06-22-30 – Party goes into swamp and down into cult hideout. The find the jade naga statue and kill the harpy. The naga statue connection is lost on them and they think the harpy is it. Zoltan has his eyes ripped out by the harpy during the battle. The party retreats once more.

06-23-30 – As they return to town, the party can plainly see the nightmare is not over yet. They resign themselves to go back again and stop the evil once and for all.

06-24-30 – Once more the group goes into the hideout. This time grim determination keeps the party moving forward. The naga is confronted and killed. Heavy damages are taken, and Darkstar is fried. Party returns to Orlane as heroes. After resting they set out for Sieve. Border skirmishes break out in the Lortmil Mountains between Dran and Diktur. GM ONLY TEXT Diktur is paying bounty on the heads of Dran soldiers caught in battle, and all mercenaries and soldiers are wearing tabards. GM ONLY TEXT So far, minor skirmishes have occurred on interstate 1 as well. One attack was as close as 10KM from Stoneguard. GM ONLY TEXT

07-01-30 – Alex and Thulin come to Barnacus. Thulin is spotted and jailed.

Page 3 of History 10/17/29-04/04/30

10-17-29 – Vincent, Alex, Doughboy, Wirblwind, and Tr’Sk are gated to shadow world of Bengston to retrieve Branod Colnet. Time flows strangely here. Four weeks here equals one day back home. Looked for 4 days in Gurdikar, but did not find Branod. Zolton arrives from home and a building is found and investigated. Orcs and a Firebolg giant are encountered, and Alex is killed. Alex is revived, the task is completed and the party heads home.

10-18-29 – Vincent, Doughboy, and Chk’Prk go to Death Test I. Doughboy dies and is left behind. The other 2 get out.

12-04-29 – Alex read posters pasted up for Clayton Miles in Farstead to help find Falrick the Elf at Annacon.

12-08-29 – Alex, with Bruce Kuskiowski and Florence in tow arrive in Farstead with Mirkidoth, Chk’Prk, and Zolton. They learn about Falrick and Annacon. They go to the mansion of Kanos to attempt to find them.

12-09-29 – Party reaches mansion of Kanos and looks for Falrick. Thulin and his thugs hit the party and drop Bruce and Mirkidoth. The tide swings and Thulin’s band is routed. Thulin escapes the carnage and contemplates.

12-14-29 – Party hangs in Farstead healing up. Falrick and Annacon were found and returned. The living members of the party collect their rewards and plan to return home.

12-23-29 – Group heads back to Brnacus. On the way a bronze dragon stops the group and demands gold. A roc swoops down and eats a horse. The group also meets Fred the Giant. Fred is allowed to operate because he is basically harmless, and he keeps the bandit traffic down. GM ONLY TEXT HERE.

12-28-29 – Chk’Prk, Alex, Bruce, and Searle gate to Death Test I. Bruce, Searle, and Alex die. Chk’Prk drags Alex out, but leaves the others. He scrapes up $20000 and gets her raised. She will be resting for about 1 month.

03-14-30 – Zoltan, Mirkidoth, Chk’Prk, Alex, Seve, and a physician set out after treasure because of a map that was found.

03-15-30 – The stream indicated on the treasure map is located, as well as the trap door. A dungeon is revealed and the party heads in.

03-16-30 – Probing the dungeon, most of the nastiness is avoided. Seve is grabbed up by an Octopus and killed. The party stops for the night to rest.

03-17-30 – Pushing on. The pit room is reached and Zoltan falls in. Mirkidoth is splashed and passes out. The physician revives him, but he can not be moved for a day. While he rests the party builds a bridge. Zoltan has begun to show a lot of outward affection for Alex.

03-18-30 – The treasure is found and the party gets out intact. Thulin and his orc buddies are waiting after having followed the group. He takes about $14000 plus some gold and silver and lets them go. He takes Alex for himself. Zoltan and Mirkidoth get back and divide the stash. One item is a ring that when worn, cuts off that finger (which Mirkidoth found out the hard way). They take it and casually roll it behind the Dragon Wine Inn. Pretty good joke.

03-27-30 – Zoltan, Mirkidoth, and Pegasus go to Fort Reliant with aspirations of exploring the ruins east of there for loot and fame.

04-06-30 – Arrive at Fort Reliant. Restock supplies. Plan to head out in the morning.


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