Page 19 of History 07/24/34-10/28/34

07/24/34-8/8/34: Sygyn, Pomery, Idgit, and Boudica to Hightower to scout and learn. Find the undead knight and put him to rest. Take his tabard back to Barnacus for research. Research will take 5 months.

07/24/34-08/07/34 Keep party routes the bugbears and gets lost in the minotaur lair. Face the big bull and take him down. Nice haul of treasure and after dealing with some nasty striges, get out and back to keep with their loot.

08/07/34-08/10/34 Keep party routes Gnoll lair. They let 18 children, 5 females and 1 son go. They also alert the Kobalds as to what they have done. The Kobalds hunt down the weakened gnolls that night but the son, 2 females, and 3 young escape. On the way back to the keep, the party encounters a treant. GM TEXT ONLY The group moves on without making contact.

08/10/34-08/14/34 Return to caves. Enter the final cave of Rostobol. First encounter with his acolytes goes badly and forces a retreat and re-entry. Second attempt is better. Wind up downstairs where Mitochondria the medusa and Boris the torturer are met. Mitochondria uses her guile to escape after turning Loren to stone. Boris is tough and drops Thalchi, and gets licks in on almost everyone. Teamwork puts him to rest. Skorlbald is saved from the Spanish Donkey torture and is grateful. Give some helpful info, and is set up the big bedroom as he is in no shape to travel yet. Gelatinous cube and Wight are encountered. Cube engulfs Loren and most of Party retreats. Laiduin holds ground and burns cube to the ground. Wight hits River and levels drains him once. Holy vessels are looted from alter room due to Loren’s casting of Consecrate.

08/14/34-08/16/34 Final battle with Rastobol. 4 acolytes are encountered and one manages to get to the bell and ring it. This awakens all of the undead and the corridors are flooded with zombies skeletons and acolytes. Loren begins dropping Channel bombs and wipes out 1/3 of the undead before the acolytes counter with their own channels. In the meantime, Moonbeam wild shapes into a tiger and begins wholesale slaughter of undead. With the part still overwhelmed by sheer numbers Rastobol makes his appearance. River and Thalchi hold down the rear against 4 plate mail clad acolytes as Laiduin discovers Nokomis and his kobalds arrive. She negotiates with them to help and a massive melee ensues. Rostobol and his close acolytes whittle Loren down who by this time is cut off by the sea of undead and fights alone. She falls in battle and is carried off by Rostobol and 2 acolytes. The rest of the group finally turns the tables after everyone except Laiduin falls in battle. Late but on the trail nonetheless they discover Loren tied up half naked and branded with the holy symbol of Asmodeus. With her eyes burning with focus, they untie her and head back to the keep. As the group prepares for the trip back to Barnacus, Loren learns that not only is Rostobol alive, but he was actually number 2 in command under Lawrence who has conveniently slipped away from the keep.

08/14/34–09/01/34: Igit, Boudica, Sygyn, Fansy, Pomery, and Dwelmir head to Duvaks Pass to figure out why the miners are sick. Boudica, Fansy, Pomery, and Dwelmir all get sickness. It manifests 08/15/34. They discover the Moorlocks have infested the mines and confront M’Dok and kill him. M’Dok’s 2 sons are discovered and Fansy kicks them over the cliff to Boudica’s horror. Bodies of many of the miners are found in the alcove. They proceed and find Jakt and the source of the Plague. Boudica entreats Jakt and tries to sway him, but he is firm in his devotion to Grumsh. The entire party uses their abilities and teams up on Jakt eventually bringing him down. The waters begin to clear and they head to Duvaks Pass to bring the sad news of the miners demise. They burn the caves and cure the remaining townsfolk. Fansy nearly dies of the disease but rallies and survives. The party travels back to Barnacus to rest and refit. GM ONLY TEXT

08/16/34-10/28/34 Adventure time party rests in Barnacus and spends some loot.


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