Page 17 of History 01/11/34-06/07/34

01/11/34 – While moving into the level 1 sub level, Xris invokes Wes Jas and she appears herself. She bestows Spell Mastery on him, kills an air elemental, and tells him he is on the right path. Awesome!!! Work way through much of level 1 and get into trap room with dead thief. Gwen takes the flame strike twice but gets the chest open. Group decides to camp in this now secure room as all traps have reset.

01/12/34 – Kevin tries to jump a fireball trap and fail setting it off taking him to -9. To his fortune, Xris is right next to the blast and is able to cast a Cure Moderate saving his life. Secret door to level 2 is located and the party drops a level. Kevin rolls 2 natural 20’s and overcomes and eliminates his fear of heights.

01/14/34 – Lava room is discovered and the Mephits are beaten. The Ring of Campbell and Bruce is recovered and the group holes up for the night to rest. Wake on this morning ready for further action.

01/16/34 – Party retreats to Jaeger with loot to heal and refit. Grimtooth has been knocked into a coma by the shocker lizards, and has to have bed rest for 23 days (02/09/34).

01-23-34 – Alexandrite has her baby.

01/24/34 – After a week of waiting for the chemist to create enough acid to deal with the crystals, the group has gone back to the cave and pried out all the crystals. They bring them back to Jaeger and the chemist nukes them in acid ending the threat of the Dark Garden and the legacy of Nockmort.

02/09/34 – Party finishes refitting in Jaeger and is prepares to move out on a new leg.

02/11/34 – Travel to Bree seeking passage to Barnacus.

02/22/34 – 02/24/34 – Into Barnacus via ship.

02/24/34 – 3/07/34 – Travel to Glen Hollow in to help the villagers and learn about the Barrow King. Kelsian is tasked by the guild to bring back as much information as possible and if possible kill it. Head to the Barrow and explore the entry crypts. Fight through and meet necromancer. As he is defeated, he lets the group know Abraxes will escape and live to fight again. In fact Abraxes does get away and he sees the party. He personally vows a death wish on all of them. He will be back. Alter found and crypt sealed. High level clerics called in to destroy alter. Back to Barnacus and report the effects of adventure to authorities.

03/07/34 – 06/02/34 – prices of food rise steadily over the three month period causing characters to pay +2%, +4%, and +5% to live each month. This is due to the stopped shipments from the village of Darbin.

06/02/34-06/05/34 – Travel to Darbin. During investigation of the Brain Vines, Auroras evil dagger manifests and cause major party turmoil. After a massive party fight where the dagger changes hands 3 times, and Aurora actually tries to murder a small child with it, Kevin winds up with the dagger in his backpack and heads off to an undisclosed location to hide the dagger while the party decides what to do with it to destroy it once and for all. This whole encounter has been appropriately dubbed “The Damned Dagger Danger” by Karen.

06/05/34 – 06/07/34 – Finishing off Darbin adventure. Monthly COL of Karen, Aurora, and Kelsian reduced by 5 GP due to sharecropping venture. Kill the Shambling Mound that Kurishan had become. Free all villagers except one that was accidentally killed. Pay for a big party for village, and restock the town with food and supplies. They take possession of Kurishans old house and lend it out for sharecropping.


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