Page 16 of History 12/28/33 - 01/10/34

12-28-33 – The group is at full power as of 12:01AM when Xris prays for his spell guidance. Around 3:30 Kevin sneaks out to pursue a Druid. He is suffering from the after effects of a Geas placed on him by the Dryad of the large Oak. Although the Gaes has lifted, his Paladin sense of duty has seized upon this task and turned it quest like. Karen hears him sneak off but does not initially know it is him. She follows quietly sending Grimtooth back to wake Xris and Gwen. Grimtooth is beside himself without Karen, and in awe of Gwen and her powerful fighting ability retreats to a corner and fiddles with what he thinks is a simple playing card. It is in fact a trump and he summons Elvira wittingly. Kevin Communes with his gawd and decides to return. After much confusion the party gets back together and settles back down. Into the main bugbear stronghold. A mighty fight with A hill giant and a bit of harmonious luck for Kevin gets the party barely past. They find the major treasure room. Hurt, they withdraw to a defensible position. The bugbears have now had enough. They realize that Nockmort is dead and that the party is exacting heavy casualties. They move to a parlay to protect their women and children. They agree to leave for 25% of the stored loot. In the night, the bugbears leave as a group taking only the agreed upon items..

01-01-34 – More exploring of the old Bugbear held areas. Use the night to boost hit points and spells back to maximum. Entire Bugbear area is mapped, and the valuables have either been removed by the bugbears after yesterdays parlay, or cataloged for future removal..

01-02-34 – Elvira totally throws a Color Spray at the guard Ettin and the two headed giant is so dazzled he passes out. Gwen uses this lull to move in and slit his throats ending the threat. The party is able to then free all the inmates. They release Rootshaker and gain his undying gratitude. He knows all of Nockmorts plans and gladly reveals them to the group. As a show of gratitude he proclaims, no harm can ever befall them in any forest on the Isle of Doom. Rootshaker then animates the great oak and frees the Dryad. The group decides that rather than move on right now it would be better to help the folk of Garland Fork.

01-04-34 – Party takes a barrel of antidote back to Garland Fork and cures the town. They are rested up and prepare to head back to the desecrated Temple and move forward with the Anitomicon quest. The threat of Nockmort and his twisted ways has ended. The meteorite fragments are still in the cave however. Rootshaker sends Griffon rider to tell party where about of their lost mounts. Also lets them know Kevin’s man at arms is in Jaeger and that the bugbears are massing for a strike in 4-5 days. The group uses the Griffon guide to retrieve their lost horses, and convince the people of Garland Fork to lend them a wagon and draft horse in exchange for a load of rebuilding supplies from Jaeger.

01/05/34 – Party returns to the tree and spends the day extracting treasure. They recover everything except the ivory horse. It takes time as there is a lot of lifting and raising to be done. Using the intelligence data from the Griffon rider they always leave Kevin at the top to keep watch.

01/07/34 – Party travels to Jeager with loot loaded wagon arriving around noon.

01/09/34 – Group arrives back at the tree and meet the bugbear clan in open field combat. Bolstered by 5 Man-at–Arms from Jaeger, an epic open field battle ensues. Group is hurt, but victorious. Kolracht the Bugbear leader escapes with a twisted ankle.

01/10/34 – Cleaned out the upper temple and found the secret door down to level 0 of the dark garden. Naga in upper temple gets off 2 lightning bolts and 3 magic missiles before succumbing nearly killing Gwen and Elvira. Party explores the east wing of the Dark Garden. They find the spider room and the Hall of Portraits. Return to main entry room and explore the east wing. Karin and Kevin fall into the pit trap and the bugbears attack the remaining party. Gwen fights valiantly to hold of the bugbears and all but does it, only the leader gets by. 1 turn from the door Xris casts Alter Self into a Dire Ape and runs him down and mashes him from behind. Good stuff.


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