Page 15 of History 10/09/33-12/26/33

10-09-33 – Jacqueline, Sygyn, Tolbert, and Cloverleaf arrive in the village of Flutie after tracking some Fish men. They are trying to head off the Fish boys to keep them out of Darkwater village. The Fishmen are on a pilgrimage. 4 Fish men are killed as they try to raid Flutie for provisions. It is a nasty fight and the group narrowly defeats the fish men. Sygyn takes a vicious knife wound across the eyes leaving a small scar. The remaining 8 fish men trudge on towards the shrine.

10-17-33 – Henry party arrives in Blasingdell and rest before final trek to the stone tooth – the reputed location of Durgeddins’s forge. They track to the opening with relative ease. Inside they are set upon by orcs led by 2 large Ogre’s. These are overcome fairly quickly and the location of the shaft to level 2 is found. Down the long stairs to level 2, the group finds this level occupied by troglodytes who are expert at blending in. Led by a sorcerer capable of invisibility, they cause many problems for the group. Dirk Smith, a human rogue is found captive and freed. The door to the forge is located, but can not be unlocked. The group heads down to level 3 in search of it, harassed by the sorcerer all the way. On level 3, the group encounters a huge roper, much bigger than they can handle. The attempt to sneak by but Dirk is caught and eaten. Karin, guided by the master, manages to find the key to the forge and the group races back up to the door.

11-1-33 – Having found the key, the group ventures downward. They find Durgeddins forges, but they have been occupied by Dueregar. Much fighting ensues, but the party is victorious. The actually find Durgeddin himself, and they take his armor and sword. It is not a grave robbing as they feel a deep sense of relief in the act. Durgeddin is finally at rest. They descend to the final level and encounter Nightscale the black dragon. After a tremendous battle where nearly everyone was in mortal danger at least once the dragon is slain. The hoard is collected and counted and among this is an elf maiden. The group takes her in as one of their own. Return to Blasingdell and eventually Bolindain with the news. A large group of Dwarves led by Henry and Doan go back to deal with the Roper. Durgeddins lair is once again and finally in the hands of the dwarves. The party settles in Barnacus for rest and recoup.

12-15-33 – Xris, Kevin, Karin, Elvira, and Gwen arrive in Garland Fork to start the first leg of the Anitomicon quest. They find the black Oak tree in the middle of the road and decide to move into the village that night. They investigate the town that evening and hole up there before moving off in the morning. As a side note: Karen flat out one shot killed a Troll with 6 levels of Ranger. Karin ripped out the still-beating heart of that troll and took it to the Wizard’s Guild and they’re studying it because they don’t understand why it’s still beating when it’s not attached to a troll.

12-21-33 – In the Temple of Wee Jas, the party has been set upon by Bugbears who fight spectacularly and drop both Kevin, and Xris. Karen and Gwen hold off the hordes and then spend 3 days defending the fallen as they heal. The group is now rested and ready to forge ahead. Investigating the garden shed, they encounter 2 Shambling Mounds. One quickly grapples Gwen and takes her out. The second gets a hold of Kris and squeezes the life out of him. He dies the death of a constricted man. The party discovers the prisoners, and strikes a deal to rescue them in return for a Raise on Xris. Xris gets Raised, and the party retreats to rest.

12-23-33 – Rested and ready to tackle the rest of the Secret Garden.

12-26-33 – The party meets Nockmort in combat. A fantastic fight ensues where he takes out 2/3 of the group. Kevin steadfastly uses the healing wand and keeps the party recirculating. On literally their last gasp, Gwen makes a pair of mighty blows and fells the foul tree. Karen is knocked unconscious and is comatose. Xris goes down unconscious as well, but is revived with the last of the wand. The party occupies Nockmorts rooms to hole up and refit. They are on their last legs right now.


You need to mention that Karin ripped out the still-beating heart of that troll and took it to the Wizard’s Guild and they’re studying it because they don’t understand why it’s still beating when it’s not attached to a troll. This is pretty awesome stuff.

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