171007 Shipwrecked

The shaft

12/17/34-12/19/34 Pressing on the group suffers the loss of a crewman and their 6 Rho evacuees to a rockslide at a seaside cliff. Archer nearly dies as well, as he is buried under rocks. River escapes unscathed using his nimbleness, and Laiduin is spared any damage as well when Galeran uses his body to shield her. Everyone else takes some degree of damage and realized how close they came to being swept into the sea. Moonbeam uses her wild shapes to great advantage over the unfavorable terrain. Moving deeper into the island Laiduin wakes on the 19th as the group finds the entrance to the frogman lair. A 2000’ deep shaft faces them and they prepare for decent into the disgusting depths. Combined with the dreams, the dreary weather, and the incessant “teliki-li teliki-li” coming from the cave, their hold on their sanity becomes tenuous. Verran and a crewman lose their footing and tumble 600 feet to a level spot. Quick action by Laiduin and a feather fall protects them from too much harm. Reaching their mates, the entire group feels the chant grow to fever pitch as the very walls seem to pulse as a Shaggoth attacks. The group flails away at its tendrils as they watch its eyes and mouths shift and writhe. Madness can only be around the corner for these brave souls. Through it all Loren has a crisis of faith. Her birthmark and brand literally war across her belly as she searches for Sarenrae’s guidance and light. Getting no response, Loren determinedly sets her jaw and looks for something to take her anger out on. Thalchi begins a descent into madness as the shaggoth is too much to bear. River, Lauiduin and Moonbeam, for the time being hold their sanity.


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