170826 Shipwrecked


The Sea Darter remaining crew plus the party face 2 Hraakknar. They kill one, but the other escapes with two crewmen webbed on its back. The groups tracks the giant spider and soon find its tracks commingled with the stinking frogmen. Arriving at a body of water, they notice the spider has backtracked. They track it down and discover its wagons and 6 Ro slaves. Dispatching the spider they are left with the 6 Ro slaves, who show no willingness to come to their senses. Moving on they encounter Goat Dude and his Winged Horror mount. His mount attacks the group with chlorine breath. Lauduin investigates the apparent dead Ro and unleashes an unsoeakable horror knocking her catatonic. Loren looks closely at the goat dude and he disappears. Loren tries to deal with the conflicting information she sees and her intuition tells her.


obidoncoonobi obidoncoonobi

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