On the Sea darter

On board the Sea Darter, the group sets sail for Barnacus. Trouble begins 5 days into the journey as the group is set upon by a raiding party of Froglike creatures. Aliya begins to act strangely. At first only River suspects her but as the trip goes on, eventually everyone comes to the same conclusion. The froggies are driven off and one crewman is killed. During the combat River swings about the ship on ropes overcoming the rolling decks, and Moonbeam wild shapes into a giant octopus to great effect. Loren administers aid and the crew and PC are stabilized. The Sea Darter soon finds itself in strange waters and even the never lost Marra Greenhill does not know their location. Ominous dream begin to plague everyone’s sleep and fatigue becomes a factor. The crew is pushed to the breaking point when Finathil gouges out his eye with a boat hook. This is soon followed by Aliya murdering her mother and brother switching back on forth between a sweet little girl and a demonic hell spawn. As a mysterious island draws near, a kraken attacks the ship. Heroic efforts by the crew and all PC drive the kraken off, but not before the boat is critically wounded. Adrift, the boat crashes on the shores of the strange island. River and Thalchi are to the point of exhaustion and Loren and Laiduin and affected to a lesser extent. Only Moonbeam seems unaffected by the nightmares and strange visions.


obidoncoonobi obidoncoonobi

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